Symbols of mindfulness

I chose to combine the Chinese Yingyang symbol and the Japanese Enso mark as my logo because they remind me of the values and flows that I try to practice each day.

YingYang – Is concept and symbol that originates from the Chinese philosophy of Taoism and represents the duality of life – Yin symbolizes the “shady side” and Yang the “sunny side”

It reminds us that without the dark there cannot be light, without the sour there cannot be sweet and that there is a universal balance to everything even though we may not be able to see it sometimes.

Ensō – is a symbol from Japanese Zen Buddhism that represents the circle of enlightenment; that life both holds nothing and lacks nothing.

Together these symbols remind us that the true path to relieve our suffering is to learn to gently understand, acknowledge and accept these truths and practice them each day. By tending to our mental health with someone who can help us navigate these paradoxes we can find better balance in our lives.

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